10,000+ names made up by a computer! 10 letters or fewer! Probably unique! Some of them are actually good!

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This tool was originally created in March 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic and in anticipation of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. My inability to come up with an island name, plus social distancing, plus killing time until March 20, produced this!
So a computer made up these names?
Yup! Long story short: I took a list of real-world island names, tossed in a bunch of species names from the game (villagers, bugs, fish), and asked a computer to chew them all up and spit out some brand new names.

And it did! Around 10,000 names, give or take.

Long story longer: I used a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) powered by textgenrnn to generate mostly-realistic names from the aforementioned source set. I considered using a Markov text generator, but the results were poor given the output restrictions. New Horizons limits island names to 10 characters, and Markov chains produce better results when working with sentences/paragraphs. textgenrnn offers far better character-level results. (This all sounds far more complex than it actually was!)
What do you mean, "probably unique"?
Since there are so many names, I wasn't able to manually check them all. Some of them might be hard to pronounce, and it's possible (likely?) the computer accidentally generated some real words. If you find anything particularly bad or dull, let me know and I'll remove it!